Monday, October 1, 2012

Public Humiluation

At certain points in history, public humiliation was one of the ways society enforced the laws.  When Drew and I were touring Bermuda, we saw this as some locals dressed in colonial clothing acted out a public dunking. They even dunked one lady form the audience. (SOOO glad it was NOT ME!!)

In the last week I have decided that public humiliation is my children's "currency" (what motivates them). Since Melissa was very small, she has hated needles. Can't say I blame her, but at some point she needs to at least  come to a place where she can sit still and get a shot without screaming and yelling. When she was in third grade, she throw the biggest fit over getting a flu shot. She had to be pulled out of the car and dragged into the clinic - screaming the whole way.  Even last year at age 12 Drew had to hold her down in the middle of Target for the flu shot. 

This year I was going to have none of it. I was done! I have tried lots of things....promises of treats if there were no tears, etc. Some years she did better than others, but still I would have to hold her down. So, this year I came up with another solution.

Public humiliation.

I gave William a camera so he could film her getting a shot and if she throw a fit like a two-year old, he would post it to facebook for all her friends to see.  I have never seen her sit so still and quiet getting a shot since she was three! Much better!!

Then there's Benjamin.

He hates any type of liquid medication.He would rather be ill and in pain that take it! He loves that he can take a pill now and not be bothered with that nasty taste.  But this week he is taking a liquid antibiotics in order to try to kick whatever kind of bug he has that is triggering his asthma.  He wasn't happy about it at all!  He ran away from me - trying to keep our kitchen island between us - he keep his hand over his mouth... It was getting old fast for me.  I called Drew who talked to Ben over the luck.

Finally, I just looked at him and said as sternly as I could (all the while trying not to laugh because he was acting so ridiculous it was funny!!) "If you don't take this medicine, I'm going to call Ms. April from down the street to get her to hold  you down while I pour this down your throat!"

He got really still - and  you could just see the wheels turning in is his mind, then he opened his mouth like a little bird. I shot the pink liquid under his tongue, he swallowed and we were done! Finally!

Public humiliation.  A great tool.

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