Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back Home

I made it back home last night. I think the boys missed me....they ran and jumped on me as I walked in.  Melissa was babysitting when I arrived, but when she returned home she tolerated me giving her a hug. 

She's such a prickly pear at times....

Drew and I have a great time - like a honeymoon even! Five days of just us and no nice! We did leave the apartment some. We toured the Marine Corp Museum as well as President Lincoln's Cottage.  Both were very well done.  And we learned stuff!

I will say that there is a downside to where his apartment is....and that would be right next to a train station. Train stations have trains....trains have whistles....that they like to blow them. Every time they pass a crossing. Every few hours....all day long and all night long.... Drew now sleeps with earplugs. I actually ended up using my earphones as well. It helped some, but I'm just a horrible sleeper and trains just didn't help.

So, while I was sad to leave Drew, but I was totally happy to see my bed and my very quiet room.

As of now we don't know when Drew will move back home, but we are praying that it will happen before Thanksgiving.

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