Monday, September 16, 2013

Very Glad it Wasn't a Bar

Many Ole Miss fans were disappointed this past weekend because the game was aired by a local network in Texas instead of a nationally one. Friday my brother told me about a restaurant here in our area that would be playing the game. I researched the place and it sounded nice - but I was really hoping it wasn't a bar.

Not that it wouldn't be the first time we have accidentally taken them to a bar.....there was that time in Guam.

This local place looked nice from the pictures and the menu seemed more detailed than a typical bar. But on the way I warned the kids....not sure what we'll find...But hey! Life's an adventure!

So, we went.  And had a blast! I will say that for the first half of the game, the other fans were very quiet....I think I called them civilized.  Even when we would score, they seemed very dignified in their cheering. After the second half started, the other fans got a little more rowdy.  Of course, we were winning by then and alcohol had kicked in.

For others -not me! I was the designated parent and driver!

A little after the second half, Melissa was ready to go home. She was tired...ready for bed....she's always has loved her sleep. Since we were watching the game outside on a patio, I let her go and lay down in the van. (I could see the van from where we were and it was the perfect temperature- so she was safe.)  Ben even went to the van for a little while, but couldn't sleep.

William and I were too involved in the game....we didn't want to leave. We stayed to the end.  It was a great game!! least for us since we won.  Three wins so far this year.....we're off this next Saturday, but then we face the number one team, Alabama.  Hopefully, we can at least do well and not embarrass ourselves.

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