Tuesday, September 3, 2013

THE Weekend

Well,  it happened. I knew it would.  I tried to make it slow down, but that never really works.  THE weekend that I had been looking forward to for most of the summer came and, sadly, went. But it was a great weekend....it was just so much fun!

It started with Ole Miss winning their football game Thursday night. Late Thursday night. VERY LATE Thursday night. Which made a few people a tad grumpy due to the lack of sleep. But it was so very worth it.  Last year Vanderbilt came to our campus and beat us in the last few minutes of the game. This year the cleat was on the other foot, so to speak, and we were the ones to win in the last few minutes. It was NOT a perfect game.  Those Rebels have a lot of work to do to get ready for the next game - and all those other SEC teams that are top ranked.  We Rebel fans would prefer to win early  - and decisively, would help! These come-from-behind and win in the last few minutes (more like seconds!) are really, really bad for our hearts.....I'm sure a few of us just about "threw a stroke" as one family member said.

But a win is a win and we will take it!! On to next week!! And hopefully, another win!!

Friday night I got to pick Drew up from the airport. It was just so nice to have my other half around again.  We did get to go out by ourselves Sunday night, but other than that we were with family the whole time. And it was so nice!  I know most of my friends don't get along with their in-laws or their spouse doesn't like their family, but Drew and I have never had issues.  Family is family. We love them all and it's great to all be together.  Drew's parents came in town for the festivities. We really do love having them all together.

Saturday was the fiftieth anniversary party for my parents.  I had decided to set out pictures of my parents  through-out the years as well as my brother and his family, and my family.  Also, pictures of my grandparents  at their fiftieth anniversary for guest to see were set out.  As I discovered going the old photos, I have a set of great-grandparents on each of my parents' families that, also, celebrated their fiftieth anniversary as well. Wow. What a legacy....three generations on both sides.  On top of that, my in-laws are into their sixtieth-two year of marriage. Just an incredible legacy for my kids.  Drew and I have a lot to live up to.

To celebrate, we had a nice reception Saturday afternoon and a family dinner out Saturday night.  I was so happy to see some of my father's family drive in town for the reception.  My father still has one uncle living. He came with his wife,  as well as two of his three children with their spouses.  So many times we only see these extended family members at funerals. It was nice to get to visit with them at a happy occasion.

Sunday was a lazy day of cooking out hamburgers, kids swimming, adults getting naps in and eating more cake. We had lots of cake left....but since it's got to be the best cake in the world, we don't mind left-overs!

Sadly, Monday came....time to pack up and take Drew back to the airport. None of the kids nor I were really ready for him to leave. But at least I get start a new count-down to the next visit.

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