Thursday, September 26, 2013

Playing Hookey

After I got home from my trip Melissa was telling me about a science project she needs to complete and what supplies she needs.  As I was looking at our calendar, I wondered when we would fit in a trip into town. She babysits four afternoons a week and on her off day (today) she goes to art class.   This Saturday will be busy with cross country meet and soccer.

So, I was the nice mom and checked her out of school early. She has PE last block and can afford to miss a few classes. I took her to the main library where she got to take her time picking out books then we went to Dollar Tree to pick up her supplies for the project.

I think she enjoyed it!

Although, she was very concerned at the start as to why I was checking her out.  She asked, "It doesn't have to do with the "s" word does it???"

I'm thinking "s" word? What?? She doesn't need a sex talk....what??

Then she said, "You know "shot"??!!!"

I just started to laugh. "No shots today. But at some point you will have to have a flu shot soon, but not today."

She was very relieved.

It's was nice to just chat with her - no one else around....nothing to really talk about.  But one thing has apparently been on her mind.  She said, "You know that gay guy on the flag line?"


"Well, he dances better than me."

"Oh, really? Well. Yea, that happens sometimes."

Oh, to be only worried about who dances better than me.

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