Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seeing the Humor in it All

Saturday night I was in charge of driving Melissa and two of her friends to a birthday party. Another mom had the late-night drive home shift.  As I was backing out of the this family's driveway, several other vans were stopping to let their teens off for the party as well. 

What I should have done was to just stop. Wait. Not sure why I didn't.....I wasn't in a hurry....no where I needed to be...  But I didn't. I went straight back in order to avoid the other vans and the teens in the road.

Straight back is not a good idea on a narrow neighborhood road that is lined with mailboxes....with one now down for the count and black marks on my van.

Oh, yea...fun times.  Life is never boring that's for sure.

I knocked on the door and told the wife what happened...how sorry I was...how I would, of course, pay for the repair work.  Her response?

Laughter!  She laughed and laughed!

I, on the other hand, was not laughing - more like shaking and trying very hard not to cry.

Her husband? Yea...he wasn't laughing either...more like spiting-nails MAD!

After he went back in, she was still laughing! She said, "Oh, don't mind him! He's just mad because I didn't let him go to hunting - I made him stay and cook dinner!" Then she laughed some more - then said, "Also, he knocked it down awhile back and we just got it back up!" And laughed some - even as a neighbor stopped and asked what happened. This neighbor was laughing too.

I still was not laughing....I was still shaking and trying not to cry.

In the end, she wouldn't take a check or even write down my name or phone number. I'm hoping he sees the humor in this as she did and won't try to track me down.

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TRS said...

Oh, that made me laugh aloud!
That's exactly what kind of wife i would be... just laughing and laughing because it's too absurd.
That's probably why I'm still single! (and she may be about to be!) HA!