Friday, August 23, 2013

A Good Day at Work and Another Good Shopping Time

It was a normal day in the middle school office....flat out crazy at times. But overall, a good day. The computer gaves me fits.  If I worked with the attendance program on a daily bases, it would be fine, but it's been months since I worked with it. By  the time the final bell ranged, I think it conquered.....even if I accidentally listed one kid as being in 'in-house' suspension instead of just being late....  Opps. (I did correct it by the time I left.)

One boy made me laugh. Not sure what this kid did that he needed an ice bag, but he brought his own to school. Several times he came to the office to refill it.  Just cracked me up.

Melissa and I went  on a short shopping trip this evening....all to find those shoes for my outfit.  The stores at the Boardwalk was a bust. Nothing good at all.  But at the mall? Success! Very happy with that!

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