Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Weekly Run Down

The days just keep going by, don't they?  Saturday I did next to nothing other than laundry and reading books and watching tv. Since the heat has arrived, it was a good day to be inside and lazy.

This week has been good. The luncheon I was to have last week I held on Tuesday. It went very well!  I think all had a great time. One lady said she that we should have luncheons every month! I hope so! One lady offered her house for next time.  It was just a relaxing time to sit and chat.

My highlight of the week (so far - because the true highlight will be seeing Drew tomorrow night!) was getting my new iphone.  When we moved back to the States three years ago, I bought an iphone 4 - top of the line back then. But lately I have had so many issues with dropped calls, that I finally quit answering calls and just letting everything go to voice mail. Not ideal when you have three teens you have to keep up with. I ordered a new one last week and it was to come in on Thursday. By Friday I had not seen it yet, so I called. Walmart, basically, said they lost my order and it would need to be bumped up to her supervisor  - and that would take 2-5 business days to be settled.


Monday I called to cancel the order as there was a Walmart in town that had one in stock, but I was told they worked it out and it was already in  shipping. YEA!!! It was delivered Tuesday afternoon. Of course, the biggest surprise was that I was able to get it turned on, my account transferred to a new company and synced to my lap-top all without having a melt down and having to call Drew.

I was quite proud of myself!  A very non-blond moment!

Today was the first day of a new Bible at church. I'm actually the teacher this time around.  Well, teaching is a strong word....I push the play button the DV and during discussion I make sure we stay on topic and watch the  clock. It's not rocket science, but I do enjoy it.  Today went well.  It's a good study - we're looking into the Old Testament judge Gideon.

Benjamin has cross country practice today....I'm praying he doesn't have a heat stroke as it'll be close or over 100 degrees.... I did take him an extra water bottle...not too sure he appreciated it....but he will come 3 o'clock.

Tonight I play to watch the Ole Miss game -first of the season! Fins up & hotty toddy!!  So, hope we win....and not embarrass ourselves.....

Tomorrow Drew arrives and Saturday is the big 50th anniversary party. Should be a great weekend. And yes, I already know it'll go way too fast for me.

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