Monday, August 12, 2013

High School

Melissa is much more talkative about her schools than William ever was.  So far, she has told me about...

 .... learning about dip - and that would be the kind that boys use to put a "dip" in their mouth - not the kind of dip that goes with chips.

....stumbling upon an acquaintance making out with her boyfriend behind the school as Melissa was trying to find her way to her PE class.

.....hearing the senior baseball boys talk about making the freshman baseball players throw-up because the work out was so hard - Melissa got a kick out of this because of the freshman they were talking about is one that she can't stand!

....listening to a junior talk on and on about her fiance and her up-coming in her wedding when she's twenty-one or in years from now, but you know - she's soooo in love!! (Melissa was really annoyed at this conversation that she had no way to walk away from as they were in class waiting their turn with the teacher to set up their  PE lockers.)

I told Melissa she needed to write all these down!

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