Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Night

It's a loud night at my house. Melissa has her friends (I think I counted 13 or 14) over for Bible study. She and two friends from Sunday School started this group around January (I think). During the school year they meet on Friday afternoons, but now that half the group is in high school, Friday afternoons are busy due to the high school football games.  After looking at every one's schedule, Sunday nights were chosen since our church doesn't currently have a class (that'll change sometime in September).

There's been lots of giggles, but some good sharing of the Word as well.  And some good snacks.  Can't have teenagers without some good snacks. They are a must!

The boys have hid, of course. Ben in his room and William in the loft with the tv headphones on.  Now a few girls have left and the remaining ones are playing "catch-phrase" (a type of board game).

So glad Melissa has some good friends....hope they are able to keep being sweet and seeking Jesus.

Yesterday my plan was to treat the kids to a movie, but only Melissa wanted to go. Not sure what was up with that....William did say he was tired. He had soccer practice from 8am to 10.... But Ben??  Who knows! Melissa and I saw "Red 2". While it was violent - after all - it is about spies and CIA agents, the language was not bad at all. I was quite surprise - and happy!

Afterwards, we stopped for an ice cream treat and to look for me a dress for my parent's anniversary party.  I know exactly the kind of dress I want. Which means, of course, I will not find it in my size!  I tried on a few, but nothing yet. I may just pull something out of my closet. 

I have a few things planned for this week. I'm hosting a luncheon on Thursday. A friend from church has finished a school where she learned how to do facials - as esthetician. Just keeping it simple...soup and sandwiches....probably minestrone and muffalettas. Friday I work - it's for the front office, not in the class room, but I'm excited. Melissa will babysit four afternoons and William will for three- that'll keep them busy!

We're missing Drew...but we were able to get in a few good conversations in with him as well as one Skype visit.

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