Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Luncheon That was Not And the Shopping Trip that Was

Today I was to host a luncheon for a friend from church that has completed a local cosmetology school. Anyone that can go back to school and finish while in your late thirties deserves to celebrate!  She went to school beginning in February until last week Tuesday thur Saturday - all day long! WOW! A crazy schedule with a husband and three kids to keep track of.  Instead of hair, she learned how to give all kinds of facials. She hopes to be able to work in a dermatologist's office as soon as she passes the state test.  So, today was to the day that several us from our Sunday school class came together for a  lunch - just fun and fellowship, but her youngest son woke up sick. She spent the day at the doctor's office with him.

So...what to do....I could always find something to clean around the house...but what fun is that??  I went shopping instead. I had been looking for an outfit to wear to my parent's 50th anniversary party next week. I knew exactly the kind of dress I wanted!! Which of course means I had no hope in finding it.

I did see it....twice! But my size was no where to be found. I wanted a green shirt dress...sort with a 1950's flair.  Short sleeves....button-up....full skirt....but no. Not for me. What to do...what to do....

Last month I did buy this silky tangerine tank top. I decided that would be cute with white jeans. (My mom is wearing pants, so I guess my green shirt dress would have been too dressy.)  At the third store today, I found white jeans that not only fit, but weren't see through!  White can be needs to be a heavy one needs to see what color my underwear is!

I, also, wanted some cute shoes to go with this new outfit.  I have been wearing my white flip flops all they really aren't all that white anymore.  I ended up buying some new white flip flops with a thick sole...but not sure about them. Then I showed Melissa them. And yea. We agreed. They need to go back.  (I think her actual words were "They are god awful!")  Saturday I think she and I will take them back and try a few other shoe stores....I think a nice sling-back wedge would be just the thing.... know...since I knew exactly what I want......

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