Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Day of Calm

Sunday afternoon I threw a small baby shower for a friend of mine. Well, not really a baby shower - she and her husband are adopting two siblings from Ethiopia. The kids are ages 12 (a boy) and 10 (a girl). At first, Sage was very unsure about this whole shower thing! She didn't even invite very many friends.  About an  hour or so into the shower, she said, "I was a little unsure about this, but this is fun!!"

Exactly!! I knew it would be!! And I knew her other friends were like me in that they wanted to bless her!.  She got several outfit sets for both kids. (She's very excited that the kids will have something of their own in their dresser drawers!) One friend gave her a bag of school and art things to help keep them busy on the l-o-n-g airplane ride back to the States. 

We all are looking forward to meeting these two who have already stolen Sage and Tony's hearts. The way things look now, they should be in their new home by the end of the month.

After the shower on Sunday, I hopped in my car and drove to mom's.  She had her second cataract surgery Monday morning.  As with the first one a few weeks ago, this went well.  She STILL can't drive, though.  We're not sure what's that all about. She and I both know people who have had this same surgery and they were allowed to drive the next day! Her doctor is making her wait until after both eyes were done (there was a two week period between the two).  She goes back on Monday for her one-week check up. We are hoping he will okay to drive then...but there's no guarantee.  All-in-all it will be a three week period of no driving for her - if the doctor allows it after Monday.  Dad hasn't driven in about ten years due to his health, so he can't help.  They are use to going out to eat almost every day....this staying home is not fun for them!

I came home mid-day yesterday and was able to get a few chores and errands done.  Even got a walk in with of my favorite things! It was so nice to sleep in today as well! No work for me!!!  I have about five days left to work.  School is counting down! We are all are ready for summer, I think....or maybe just ready to sleep past seven!

The kids came home from school with a tale of a friend getting arrested.  He, apparently, bought  a pill from a girl for his girlfriend.  The pill was a prescription for ADD.  It maybe have only been on pill, but it was enough.   I know this family....I'm sure they are just devastated.....lots of prayers for them. He and the girl both got arrested Monday. I know he missed one his senior final exams on Tuesday.  Not sure how it will all effect graduating...or school next

It did provide a time for the kids and I to talk about when do you turn on a friend. From the gossip after he bought the pill, he then told someone about buying it - someone over heard and either told a teacher or call the police. But I asked my kids -what would you have done??

It's a hard question. While we didn't not find an answer, I'm sure we will talk about it again.

While today and tomorrow both have one or two errands, there's no work or anything very pressing to do.  I'm enjoying a nice quiet, calm house while the laundry is going.  Summer is coming and if you have spend any time with my family, you know quiet and calm usually aren't how you describe us.  I'm enjoying it while it last!

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