Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Benjamin is DONE

Today was Benjamin's last day at school...well, technically, he can go to school for the next two days - and be bored  - if he wants.  Tomorrow is a field trip to a baseball game - which is a sport he doesn't care for at all...why pay almost $100 for a field trip for something he hates?? No. Not this family.  Of course, if he goes to school while many of his is on the field trip, he'll get busy work or watching a movie.  No need for that - he'll stay home.  Thursday will be full of teachers showing movies while they finish up their paperwork and clean the classrooms.  Once again, no need for that. 

There was an award ceremony at nine and I checked him out after that. We did a few quick errands and pick up lunch at Chic-fil-a - one of his favorite places!

Today he got A/B Honor Roll for the year (darn those English and Lit classes that give him a hard time....of course, if he would have handwriting that teachers could read.....or actually study...but that's normal, I guess...). He was recognized for the Duke TIP program where he was invited to take the ACT as a 7th grader. He made a 16 - not good enough to really get into a college yet, but for him being a 7th grader? That's pretty good!  Ben, also, received a trophy for having the most AR points in the 7th grade (AR is a reading comprehension program - he takes a test on all the books he reads and then gets points for correct answers.) He had a good year!

As we were driving home I asked him what was the best part of 7th grade. His answer was much like the one he gave me at the end of his first day of kindergarten. Then is was (said in a very depressing monotone voice) "Coming home."  Today the answer was "That's it over." Said in the same depressing monotone voice.

This kid. He cracks me!  But yea for summer!!  (The other two have one and half more days since the high school has to give finals on the last few days of school.)

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