Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Day of School

Well. We made it through another year of school. Today was the last day.  All in all, it was a great year.  All the kids have done well. We'll get their official report cards next week and states testing scores as well, but since we have "school loop"  (a website that post all grades, assignments, emails form teachers, etc), we aren't excepting bad news.

Benjamin is glad he did NOT go to school today (we let him skip since no work would be done as grades were due Monday). It seems there was a crazy father around and the school went into "lockdown" mode.  Yikes! It lasted about twenty minutes, but from what I can piece together, no one was in any danger at any time.

This afternoon we hosted a youth group game day to celebrate the end of school.  I would say most of Melissa and Benjamin's friends came with only a few of William's.  But in the end I think everyone had a good day.  We played Apple to Apple, Hedbanzs, Catch-phrase, and a few card games.  Fun times.

I think they were hoping more kids would come. But it did start before school was officially out - we knew a lot of kids would either NOT go to school like Ben or leave school early after finals like William and Melissa.  Lots of parents work and just can't chauffeur their kids around all afternoon.  Also, while our kids are well known and well liked, they are not in the "popular" group.  Which seems fine with them - and me for that matter.  A few good friends beats a lot of so-so friends any day of the week.

We had several different tables set up for different games. Here's a picture of some of the kids in the den playing  Catch-phrase.

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