Saturday, May 3, 2014

Shopping Day

Today Drew & I went shopping. Not that he really likes to, but at times you just have to. Ever since Drew start his new job in January, he's mentioned he needed a new suit or two. I felt like today was a great day to look for one as nothing else was on our calendar. 

We looked at several stores, but no luck in his size and in the color he wants. We just may have to order one on-line.

We, also, have been talking about buying something for our mantel. I had a candle & a clock, but neither was really the right size. I have been looking for something, but nothing has caught my eye. Drew wanted to find something more modern, but we ended up with a pair of tall candlesticks. More traditional, than modern, but that's us, I guess. 

We ended our shopping day at Sam's. I had gotten a flyer in the mail advertising today as an open house with no membership needed. We have been a few times since we have lived here with family, but just didn't feel a membership was worth the money since it's all the way across town. Of course, that just may change when the new one opens close to us. 

Today was the first time I had ever seen a female manager. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen or met a female manager at Walnart either. (I seem to recall a lawsuit over that issue....) This manger was very nice, but boy!! did she give the hard sell for a membership!!  Wow! We said no today. I think we'll just wait until the new opens late summer. 

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