Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Weekend

This has been a nice and relaxing weekend. Friday night we stayed home and I cooked fish tacos, one of my favorite meals.  I think I'm the only who really enjoys them, but my family has been good and they don't complain too much.  We had some computer issues that required a quick trip to the store and a little time for Drew to get it all worked out.  But he did. Not sure what I would do without my very own "computer geek" on call.

Saturday Melissa and I went to the graduation ceremony.  While we knew several of the students who were seniors this year, I mainly went to see how it was set up for our turn next year.  They really have it down pat! They started on time, kept the ceremony moving at a fast pace - no long boring speeches! It was done in just about an hour. Perfect! It was really well done.  Melissa and I sat with the youth pastors from our youth group as well as a other friends.  It was fun sitting with friends and yelling loud for the students we knew as they walked across the stage.  It was, also, nice seeing the joy on the families faces as they yelled for their student.  One lady had a tambourine! I thought it was very cool! And it got me thinking... While I don't have any tambourines laying around, I do have these little "hand clappers". I used them (and gave out some to other soccer parents) at the soccer games because the team couldn't hear us clapping for them because we were wearing gloves due to the cold temperatures.

William wasn't too much into the idea, though.... He would rather stay in the background...not draw attention to fact, I think he would rather NOT walk next year. But I have given him a year notice: get use to the idea of walking at graduation! You WILL! I see it like a wedding....a time for family and friends to celebrate. Celebrations are always fun!

Later in the evening Drew and I went to dinner with friends in town.  The weather was as wonderful as the food as we were able to eat outside. I love eating outside!! I find it extremely relaxing - when the weather is nice like it has been this weekend. The couple we met have lived overseas like us, but they lived in different parts of the world than we have.  It was fun hearing their stories...hopefully, they enjoyed hearing ours.

Today was church, a nice lunch, reading for me, a movie for Drew, Drew teaching Ben how to use the lawn mower, baking cookies......just a normal day...relaxing day....good family time.

May we have more of them as we head into summer!

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