Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Rainy Day

I am LOVING staying home on this rainy day!!  Especially, after working the last few days.  I have most of my chores already is clean, laundry is almost done, the floors have been vacuumed....nice! Even had a nice long chat with my good friend, Fay, and my mom. I still have a few things on my dinner for tonight, planning the menu for the next week, writing my grocery list.... But its so nice to have a day that I don't have to rush.

We have one more week of school. While Benjamin really isn't doing much in his classes at the middle school, the two high school kids are still working.  Last Friday William had his AP English test in the morning, then at noon had his AP test for math & stats. He got home at four! What a long day! Then yesterday he had his end-of-course  (EOC) test for week it'll be the final.  After all this testing in English, he should be very well verse in it!

Yesterday I had four sixth grade English classes and two seventh grade English classes. Oh. My. Two of those classes...well, I hate to call any one a fool....let's just say there are a lot of.....hmmm...."big personalities".  Not sure how in the world that teacher handled these kids ALL. YEAR. LOOOONG!!!  I do think part of the problem is scheduling.  This year they have honor classes in the morning and regular classes after lunch. I think if they would switch that, it would have been better.  Honor students are more able to sit and work later in the day than some of these other kids. I know there will be some changes in how the middle school runs for next year...maybe this will be one of them.

Later this week I'll be the art teacher.  Should be interesting....he's already warned me that it will include spray paint. This after a few days in art, that's it! No more subbing for this year.  For the most part I have enjoyed it.....of course, some classes more than others, but that's how it works.

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