Friday, May 30, 2014

First Full Week of Summer

We are all enjoying our first full week of summer.  We have gotten to sleep in, hang out....and yes, probably already have watched way too much tv and played too many video games. The kids have had several that keeps them a little busy.  Of course, we love ones that are at the church or at some one's house where its just games and FREE!!  Free is good....saving money is good!.

I have been able to go walking with my friend and neighbor, Alice.  Our goal is to walk three mornings a week...maybe in the evenings as well.  She joined a gym and has been great at exercising for awhile now, but for me, I just trying to get back into the routine.  I did so well last year, then then Drew moved to DC and I got lazy. I'm trying to not be lazy this summer.

This morning on our walk neither of us looked at the weather before hand. So.  We got a little wet.....not too bad. Just a light mist.....reminded me of being in Guam! Thankfully, it wasn't a down-pour!

Yesterday I took  Melissa over to West Monroe, so my brother could take her over to meet my aunt.  Aunt Trish is taking her and my niece, Ramsey, to Ole Miss for the yearly Ladies Forum. Melissa and Ramsey both are beyond thrilled to attend!!  After all, a weekend away from the family, being spoiled by an aunt, and being at Ole Miss???  Heaven!!!

After I dropped Melissa off, I meet my friend Janean for dinner.  We've known each other since second grade.  Love spending time with her!  We exchange stories about our kids.....two of them have some of the same issues (shyness)....nice to get another perspective on things.

Other than a few chores, I have nothing too much on the agenda today....may by a little time playing with fabric....that always makes for a great day.

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