Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Over Lunch

Today I went to my mom's to get Melissa. She had been with my aunt and niece at Ole Miss for the weekend. They had a blast!  She talked just about non-stop over lunch. I think she's already planning to return next year for the yearly event.  She even went to a baseball game....and now likes baseball.

And of course, she is even more sure she wants to attend Ole Miss.

After lunch I dropped her off at a cyber/robotic camp for the week.  It's a small group - 3 boys and 3 girls, I think she'll have fun.  And learn a lot. William went two years ago.....he left with a lot of knowledge about the cyber world....and with the knowledge he doesn't want to work in that field.  Good to know.  So, while this is a camp, she'll be working this week  - I don't think there's much "fun" involved.

The teacher in charge was concerned about her food allergies, but I'm not.  She usually is very careful (her run in with a nut in February was an odd moment....or a blond moment for her) about her food.  But he knows what to do....and she knows what to do....I'm not concerned.  For the most part they will be eating at the college's cafeteria.   Knowing my teen, I see a lot of pizza and hamburgers this week for her.

I missed her this weekend.  It was good to see her - even if it was only just for lunch.

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