Monday, June 23, 2014

Camp Report

My wonderful little duckies came home from camp at two a.m. Sunday.  The bus broke down - of course - and so they were two hours late.  But at least they are home.

Well.  Melissa was home.  She left today around 2 p.m. for the elementary camp where she is a counselor. My little girl was so tired! She went to sleep last night around 9:30. I had to wake her up at 11 this morning.  While most of her clothes were packed, she still had to gather some of her things and do a few chores before she left. I think she will be totally exhausted by the time she gets back Friday morning. At least this camp is shorter, close by, and since it's with elementary kids, they will be going to be before midnight each night.

Sunday we were able to sit and let the kids tell Drew and I stories from camp week.  Several were entertaining.... One night each group were to do a skit and it turned out most did comedy skits based on the staff members of the church.   I wish I had seen a few of those!  They sounded hilarious!

Of course, being a bunch of teenagers there were some problems. One issue was not new: modesty. One person definition of what modesty looks like is different from another person's....and yes.  The teen girls don't like the youth leaders definition.   For me, it seems to be an issue of respect.  You know the rules of the camp before you't complain.  If you don't like the rules, then don't come!  Many liked seeing how much they could  get away with....such a spirit of rebellion and pride in the end showing it's ugly head.

Then there was Benjamin and his lost wallet.  This is not the first time this child has lost a wallet.  Luckily, the last two times God had some grace for the child and it was returned to him with every cent still there.

This time?

Nope.  Totally lost.

On the way to camp in New Mexico, well over 15 hours from here, they stopped to eat on Monday morning (they left Sunday night at ten and drove all night long....and still didn't get there until after noon on Monday.) After they ate at a fast food restaurant, a few of the boys including William and Benjamin went into the nearby Wal-Mart.  Ben remembers having his wallet in his hands as he walked into the Wal-Mart, but doesn't remember what happened to it after that.

Over these last few years I have told the boys time and time again to NOT wear soccer shorts off the soccer field as they have no pockets to keep their wallets in.  Being boys that think they know better, they ignored mom.


Benjamin had no where to put his wallet because he decided to wear soccer shorts on the bus ride to camp. And apparently, set his wallet down in the store as he was looking at something.  Urgggg......
makes me sick to think of how much money was in there.....he had at least $70 in cash and a few  gift cards....absolutely sick to my stomach!!

When I told this story to a friend, she said jokingly that maybe I can get him a "man-purse".  Sadly, he had one!!! Each of the boys have an Ole Miss soccer bag.  Ben used his to keep his wallet, a few snacks, his Epi Pen, a book...just a few things he wanted with him on the bus.  But when they stopped for breakfast he decided to just take his wallet not the whole bag.

Thankfully, I forgot to give him his military ID card, so at least that's not lost (that would have been a huge headache to replace!!!). I'm hoping this will be a lesson to him.

But just in case its not, I have taken all his soccer shorts away. He's not allowed to have them anymore....when soccer season returns, he'll get them back - but not now.

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