Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Moment of Opportunity

On Friday we survived the last day of VBS. I finally just gave up trying to get all the preschoolers (anywhere from 19 to 32 in four different classes) to listen to me.  Some just can't....too many kids....too much going on...very loud in the gym....and for 15 minutes it just wasn't worth it.  But I do think the preschoolers had fun.  We did lots of relays....with small balls, with bean bags. We played with the large parachute and played with hula hoops. In the end the main goal of running off some of their energy while the main teachers had a small break was achieved.

Friday as the boys and I were getting out of the car, both boys just jumped out of the van and ran for the church gym practically before I had my door open.   I smiled. Yep. They are ready to see their friends.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see William turn around about half-way and make his way back to the van to help me bring in the box of small bean bags.

Awww. My heart melted a bit.  See!! I AM raising a thoughtful sweet boy!!!  I even told him so: "That was so sweet! Thank you for helping me!"

As I walked into the gym a few steps behind William, I see him taking the bean bags out and PELTING his brother with them.


Yep. Some times kids can make you look a good. Other times, they are peeing on the car tires at Wal-Mart. (back story here)

Later in the day as I was telling the story to Drew, I asked William if he planned it that way (to throw the bean bags at Benjamin). He said no..."Just took the moment of opportunity."

Yep. That's boys.

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