Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Parenting Ups and Downs.....

Yesterday I came across probably the best blog post about parenting. (You can read it here,)  The author relates to parenting to training dogs...how some dogs just about train themselves....they just make you look good!  Like you know what you're doing! Kids, she writes, are the same.  Some just make you look good they behave so well...that's just their temperament. Others? Well, they're the ones that pee on someone else's tires at Walmart.

That's how our week has been. Yesterday, as I said in my post, I was just so proud of William for going into a local fast-food restaurant and asking for an application. Drew and I really  had no idea what brought it all on, but we were proud and happy! Today he was to go in for the group interview.

Today was more like him peeing on the tires in the parking lot.

(Deep sigh.....)

His deep and real anxiety hit.  I had force him to finish completing the application. Then I had to force him out of the house.....practically dragged him out of the car and into the restaurant.... Then we stood there....off to the side...watching the other teens wait for their turn to talk to the assistant manager.  I did not have to drag him out of the restaurant....he more like ran ahead of me.

(Deep sigh.....again....)

Drew and I both were about in tears.  We both thought that yesterday's high and excitement was a sign that he was ready and willing to conquer this thing.  Today? Wow. It hit full force.  He had twenty-four hours to think about it....way too much time. 

But he and Drew had a good long talk about it.....they seemed to pin down exactly what the anxiety was over. We have a new plan in place to take care of those concerns.  There'll be another group interview in two weeks.  He's going to try again then.  Hopefully, he'll make us look good then....instead of peeing on the tires again.  (But either way we still love him and are proud that he's at least is trying to tackle this thing!)

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