Friday, April 11, 2014

A Nice End to the Week

Today I worked  in the school office. While we had some busy moments, it was no where near as crazy as it has been.  A good day all in all....except for the two boys that got behavior letters towards the end of the day....I don't know the details of what they did, but apparently they just couldn't deal with the stress of testing week for another hour! The vice principal just sent them to in-house detention with the plan to deal with them on Monday.

Yesterday we found out the scores for William from his attendance at a state-level competition.  He placed fifth in Advance Math and Stats.  Very proud of him!! 

Tonight we are hosting a party for our Sunday school class. We have a new staff member at our church and we are having a social for our class to get to know this new pastor (he'll be over education and missions) and his wife (and kids!). We are, also, using this as a time to "pound" them.  It's an old tradition where you bring a pound of food (flour, sugar, can veggies, etc) to help them re-stock their pantry after the move. We decided to have a taco bar for dinner.  Drew and I are in charge of the meat, so the rest of the class are to bring the toppings, sides, and desserts.  We ended up ordering the meat from a local Mexican restaurant....just so much easier with me working today! And why re-invent the wheel???  It's some good food!!

We love hosting events.....should be fun!  But my kids aren't really excited.  William and Melissa are going to see the movie "Captain America" with friends and Benjamin is hiding out across the street at his best friend's house.  Ben is just not into big crowds....nor helping to entertain the other kids.  He did a great job last time, so I'm letting him off the hook this time around!

Tomorrow Melissa is taking the ACT for her first time. Yes, it's early, but we like having a base line....know what we need to work toward.  It was so nice to know these last few years that William did well enough his first time to qualify for the state tuition program.  Afterwards, I'm hoping to surprise her with some time to shop for an Easter outfit.  Should be fun! After I drop her off in the morning, I'm meeting my friend, Cheryl.  We meet in Guam and she new lives a few towns over.  We usually get together every few months, but I think it's been close to six months since we have meet.  I'm looking forward to catching up with her....and favorite meal of the day.

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