Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Highlights of My (Dissappointing) Day

Today I subbed for one of the 6th grade social studies teachers and was to s show a video. Not a bad way to spend the day....even if I have to watch the same video six times. The video was about how the cathedrals were built in the mid-evil times.  I found it fascinating. I really did! Of course, I love documentaries and this was  a good one. It wove a story of the people who built a certain cathedral as well as the nuts and bolts -the mechanics of how the cathedral was completed.

It even included a story about a bishop forcing the priest-in-charge to use stone from a quarry that his (that is the bishop) family owns - even though the priest-in-charge has declared this stone not good enough to hold up such a tall building.  The bishop doesn't care - he only cares about making money for his family.  Sadly, the part of the building that has this stone falls down - and kills the priest-in-charge. Wow! What a story!!  The king ends up sending the greedy bishop away on a crusade, but all the money is gone.

After a while, a local merchant has a vision from the Virgin Mary to give all his money, so the cathedral can be completed - which inspired others to give.  Soon the money was coming in and the decades-long project was able to be completed. 

What a story!! I wanted more!! So, after  all the classes were over,  I found the box the DVD came it. I wanted to know the name of the cathedral,so I could read more about it and to search for pictures. While during the video it said the name several times, but it was the French name and I wasn't sure how to spell it. Well. I found the box. And I was disappointed.  It seems that while the mechanical information was correct, the stories of the people were a combination of several cathedrals not just one.


After school Melissa said, "Guess what today is???""

Thinking she actually learned something in school, "That's is William Shakespeare's birthday?"

Her: "  It's the tenth anniversary of Mean Girls."

Really?  I had no idea that she had even seen the movie much less loved it enough to happy about the release anniversary!


Later in the afternoon after the kids had gone to church, Melissa text me a picture.  Apparently, as William as walking into the gym at church, he kicked a rock....that hit the glass door....that shattered the door.


Good thing William has a savings account....and good thing tomorrow is a new day.

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