Monday, April 28, 2014

Odds and Ends...

Friday at work I heard a very entertaining story.  A little background first....  When I was a teenager in a different part of this state, rolling a house with toilet paper was a sign that you were hated - HATED!  But here? A very different story.  Here, it's a sign that you are loved and popular. I have even heard of parents who have not only bought the toilet paper, driven, but even helped roll a house.

I have to admit, when we first got here and started to hear all these stories, my kids were very enthralled.  One even wanted to go one night.  Drew and I quickly put an end to that!  Hello!! Drew's a federal agent!!  Can't exactly knowingly break the law!!

So, back to Friday morning. A co-worker showed me a picture of the view out of her front window....lots of toilet paper hanging down from her trees. She kept saying, "This is suppose to happen during homecoming week  - NOT PROM!!"

Then I heard the other part of the story....apparently, her teens did roll someone's house back in the fall. Afterwards, they had stashed the left over paper in two large garbage bags and a backpack in their shed. This Friday morning there was an empty backpack in the front yard. 

Yep. Not only did they get rolled. They got rolled with their own stash!

Melissa and I thought this was the most hysterical story!  I guess you reap what you sow.


Saturday Melissa started her driver's ed class - she's thrilled! She very much wants to drive - NOW!!! While she was there, William and Drew were checking out La Tech.  As of now it seems to be a good fit.  With them all out of the house, Benjamin decided to just hang out at his best friend's house and that left me home all alone. Again.  Love it! I have three sewing projects going on, but only send time on one Saturday. It's the easier of the three. I'll post pictures at some point - it's a gift, so need to wait until it's delivered before showing pictures.


Today Ben had another tooth pulled. He did much better this time around that he did a few weeks ago.  Of course, he knew about this one ahead of time.

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