Sunday, April 6, 2014

Entertaining Strangers

Yesterday Drew and I went to the movies and had dinner out. The movie was very enjoyable - Divergent,  - they did the book proud, I think. Dinner (Fuddrucker's) was, also, enjoyable - the hamburgers as well as the side show next to us.

This particular Fuddrucker's is quiet small from the others I have been to in the past (first time for this location...yes, we have been here over three years...not sure why we never have gone before).  The tables are  very close and you just can't help but hear the conversations from next to you.  As I returned from getting some fixings for my burger I over heard what turned out to be a pretty  hilarious conversation.

It seem that Mr. Truck-Driver Guy was in line behind Mr. Stiff-Under-the-Neck Guy at the soda refill area.  Mr. Truck-Driver told Mr. Stiff-Under-the-Collar that he was sure what they did, but the sweet tea tasted like they pour tons of sugar in it.

Well, that's NOT what Mr. Stuff-Under-the-Collar heard. He heard something along the lines of "your wife looks like she taste like tons of sugar".

As Drew and I listened to them try to figure this thing out, I thought one just might hit the other.  Mr. Stiff-Under-the-Collar was totally appalled that any total stranger would say something like that to him.  Mr. Truck-Driver was totally appalled that any total stranger would think that HE would say ANYTHING rude like that - after all! He's been married for over twenty years and has been faithful to his wife!!!  Both seem to take it as personal insults.

Finally, Mr. Stiff-Under-the-Collar gave an almost apology IF he heard wrong. Mr. Truck-Driver sort of took it.

Drew and I just found it all absurd.  My question is this: when Mr. Stiff-Under-the-Collar heard what he thought he heard, why didn't he just say, "What did you just say??"  After all, it was a TOTAL STRANGER!!! Why did it never occur to Mr. Stiff-Under-the-Collar that he heard wrong?  Is he that arrogant? There have been lots of times when I heard something that just seems off...totally out-of-the-blue or totally out of character for that person to say WHAT I THOUGHT I HEARD.  Nine times out of ten I heard WRONG!  The person repeats what they said and since I'm purposely listening, I hear them right the second time.  And I laugh.

But these two guys?  There' was no laughter at their tables....just awkward silence with their wives eating fast so they could get out of there. But Drew and I were laughing. They had no clue they were entertaining strangers.

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