Saturday, April 5, 2014


Wednesday when I was at the commissary, I discovered that our door to the back hatch of the van no longer wanted to stay in the up position.  It sort of fell....right on the bagger lady helping me with my groceries....ouch!! She was SOOO not happy! 

I was in shock and confused....the door hatch had never done this before.....a mystery.

We decided to schedule an appointment for Friday at the local dealership for them to look at it along with a few other things like new wipers.   Yes, I know most people change out their own wipers, but that doesn't work very well for us. When we (or rather DREW!!) changes out my wipers, it usually leads to them falling off....on very, very busy the rain...

So, Friday I spent a good portion of it sitting in the waiting room at the dealership.  Which I really don't mind because they have an icee machine!! Yummmy!!!  And big roomy chairs.....a tv....and no kids around.....not a bad place at all.  But what I did mind was the estimate for the back hatch: $558.38 plus labor.


Hmmmm.  We just might be waiting awhile before it gets fixed.

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