Friday, April 18, 2014

No Consistency What-so-ever...

Today I took Benjamin into the doctor's for an asthma check-up. Our normal doctor is deployed - typical problem with military medicine, so we saw a female provider. Not impressed at all! She really had no idea what to do in an asthma check-up. (I so miss our civilian doctor!!) 

He has this thing called a peak-flow monitor. He blows into it & based on the numbers we can decide how much medicine he needs if he is in distressed. She didn't even have him blow into it!! All numbers are based on his best numbers. The numbers we had were two years old taken when he was having lots of asthma issues. I would think the numbers would have changed as he grows. 

After we got home, I had Benjamin blow into the monitor. Sure enough, his highest number was 50 points higher than it was two years ago. 

I won't be making any more appointments with her again. 

Good news though! Ben is now well on the growth chart!! For many years he was well in negative numbers. Today he measured in the 6%! Yea!! 

Of course, just looking at how short his pants have gotten lately, I could tell he's been growing. He's still low on weight, but so is William and Drew. That part just runs in the family. 

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