Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Work...

Today was a better day at the school....could have done without some of the crazy parents....  But a good day. No word on our ill student. I'm hoping that no news is good news.

Ben did not have a  good day. We have known for awhile that he needed several teeth pulled in order to get ready for braces. I had been putting it off...hoping that they would just fall out on their own.  Several did...but we found out today that only one was one that was in the way.  As we were sitting in the lobby waiting to be called back to see the dentist, Ben said, "Now we're just here to see what needs to be pulled right?"

Me: "Hmmmm....ah...."  with a big smile.

Ben: NOT smiling....tears in fact were there.  Yea.....he was so UPHAPPY!  But he was a trooper and had two teeth pulled.  We'll go back in a few weeks for one last one.  Then....to the ortho for braces.

Yea....he's not happy about that either!

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