Monday, March 31, 2014

My Subbing Day

Today went much better than I thought it would. The first day back from a vacation is always tough...everyone is on the sleepy side....not many want to actually do work. I thought I would have the early lunch shift which would have me teach four classes in a row, but I was pleasantly surprised to have the middle shift. That meant I had three classes, then lunch, then three more classes. 

Perfect!  Love that schedule.

My first two classes of sixth graders were very good.  I really had no problems.  Then the two seventh grade classes....yea....hmmm....not so lovely. But could have been worse. I didn't throw anyone out of the class...I did leave a note for the teacher that one child deserved a "d-slip".  That'll be her decision tomorrow, I guess.

Then I had two more sixth grade classes at the end of the day.  Another teacher took them for testing.  As they finished they returned to my class where they read and we talked some.  One boy apparently had a burning question.

"I have a question I've been wanting to know for a long time!! So. Do girls fart?"

I was taken by surprise...not sure why....after all, this is middle school.  These kids have no filters in them at all.

Before I could answer with all the laughter, a boy in the back yelled, "No, they toot!"

Of course, that got the kids  -and me!  laughing all the more!  Then the curious boy said, "Do they smell??"

Yea....I don't think he has any sisters!

After school William gave me a great surprise!  He said he had heard that one of the local fast food restaurants will be hiring soon....and he was interested. Wow! Drew and I were just talking about how we need to figure out how to get him motivated to get a job when refereeing the soccer games ends in a few weeks.  We both thought it would be like trying to move a mountain!  William as great as a kid we think he is, doesn't like to talk to adults....or strangers....or even family or friends at times. He has great anxiety about much so we have thought about counseling, but didn't want the need for counseling to scar him.  I was so excited to see he was interested! I already needed to go on an errand (poster board for those never ending school projects!) and so it was a perfect time!

He went in and asked for an application!! I was so proud of him! I know this is a normal thing and not a big deal for most people, but for William?? It's HUGE!!!! 

I'm so glad I got him to go today as tomorrow they will hold large group interviews. He'll return tomorrow....hope it goes well....  I think it will...after all, the owner is a friend of ours....that always helps!!

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