Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This has been a good week so far. I was able to stay home Monday and get the laundry done. Always a feat in a family of five! Sadly, the kids have learned their lesson about leaving money in their big bills for me this week. I think I got one penny....not even a pen or paper-clip this week.

Tuesday I taught first grade. It's a nice change from the middle school. I really don't think I could be with little one every. single. day. but once-in-awhile?  Lots of fun! I could do without the coughing though....I used germ-x several times and washed my hands  a lot! When I got home, I took my zinc. I do NOT have time to be sick! Today I taught at the middle school for the computer teacher while he took care of spring pictures. What a difference!!  Not just in attitude, but very little coughing either.

But not sure what is up with the gum!!!  These teens need to know they look like cows chewing a cud with their smacking! They, also, need to learn, that when I see smacking, the gum will be thrown in the trash - or swallowed. I really don't care which.

Monday night Benjamin had a soccer game. While I am not a fan of the time change, I did enjoy the sun while he played an evening game.  I know he rather play a striker position so he can score goals, he has done really well at defender! I was sort of surprised!  He doesn't let very many balls get by him. 

Tomorrow is Bible study and errands....Friday I work half day in third grade..... A nice full, but not too busy week. Just the way I like it.

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