Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Week Happenings

Yesterday I taught sixth grade science. I know now very, very well the four factor of resistance....temperature, diameter, material, and length. All in all it was a good day....I REALLY   like it when a teacher leaves lots of work to do.  It was an odd day in that there were no bells due to the eight graders testing.

Today was math for all three grades. It went well...even though math is probably my worse subject.  Whenever I do the budget, Drew calls it "Kelley Math".  Hey, it works for me!  Today the day started off well - nice quiet sixth grade classes....but ended with the eight graders....that did NOT have enough work to do!  Urrrgggg.. Not my favorite classes when there's not enough work. Thankfully, they behaved.

 I just had to laugh at one sixth grader. As I was standing next to the door as the students were walking in, one looked at me and asked, "Are you our sub??" I answered, "Yes" very nicely....but I just wanted to say "No....I just like to stand in the hallway of the middle school to kill time."  Yea....some kids just don't think before they talk.

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