Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break

This is our spring break...FINALLY!!!!! We are so ready for this week of sleeping in.  Which I did this morning - it was so nice! 

The kids left yesterday for a week in New Orleans with the youth group doing missions.  This is just another reason I really am thankful for the youth group the kids are apart of. The youth minister not only plans times to encourage the kids to have a stronger walk with the Lord, but he, also, plans times for missions. They will be working with the homeless as well as food pantries. I can't remember right now what else they will be doing....but based on last year's trip, they will have a ball!  Melissa did feel like there were at least two of the youth attending that she doesn't think has made a profession of faith.  I'm praying they will this week.

My first day of spring break was all about cleaning. Spring cleaning on spring break. I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do this week.....thought about several things including traveling some. But in the end it came down to something  that was talked about in my Bible study this sessions: callings and tasks from the Lord. I really feel that my calling right now is to take care of my family as well as I can. Today my task was to clean. It literally took HOURS to clean out Melissa's bathroom, bedroom, and closet. Oh. My.  I was able to get rid of lots of several walmart bag size of trash out as well as lots of odds and ends that do NOT belong in her room.  There's a few things I can't finish - like going though her clothes until she returns, but at least the floor is now clean.

And the bathroom is no longer a hazard to society.

(I feel so sorry for Benjamin for having to share a bathroom with her.....)

The boys' room didn't take nearly as long!

There's still a few places in the house I would like to clean and organize this week.....but the main parts of the house are done....nice and clean.

For the rest of the week I'm planning to shop some, read a lot, watch a few movies, maybe sew and continue to sleep in.  Love sleeping in!

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PollyS said...

glad to hear that my girl isn't the only pack rat/messy on the planet. I cleaned Suz's room a few weeks ago, took me HOURS and lots of garbage bags. ugh.
enjoy your late mornings!