Monday, March 3, 2014

The Start of the Week

Today I got to drive as the snow was falling...and slide at least once on a very small patch of ice. After all, if there's ice around and I'm driving, I'll find that small patch of ice.  Thankfully, it was so small I didn't go anywhere.  (It was just under an over-pass.)

All this snow was a little surprising....that's what I get, I guess, for not paying attention to the weather forecast. Usually, when I see not-so-good weather I stay at home, but for almost a month now, I have planned to take my mom to the eye doctor.  We knew her eyes would be dilated and we all agree its just not fun driving like that.

The snow was more like mist.....not too bad at all. The temperature was below freezing, but since the weather had been in the seventies just two days ago, the ground was just not cold enough for lots of snow. There were several spots between her house and mine that had a "heavy dusting" amount - it was so pretty! And yet I am very glad the roads were mainly clear.

Except that one little patch....

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