Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Still Enjoying Spring Break

After cleaning all day Monday, Tuesday was full of shopping with a friend- and even a haircut.  Today was mostly reading....I did get a few chores done.  We even got William's car back.

Friends of ours had their car in the shop for weeks....six and half weeks!! Since soccer and the school play was over and William didn't have an immediate need for a car, we let them borrow it. As Drew said, how can we sit here with three cars while they only have one with a crazy schedule? So, now that William's car is back in the driveway, my goal of not hitting it returns.  

Another thing to return is neck traction.  Waaaayyy back at our second base, I had some issues of numbness in my arm. It was finally decided that it was probably a pinched nerve in my neck.  I was given this neck traction device to use. Drew calls it my med-evil torture device. And I guess it would be torture if it was painful, but its not. Over the years, I had to pull it out off and on.  It's one of those times again since I'm having some numbness again. Hope it works....I really don't like going to the doctor...

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