Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our Week

Monday: I worked in my favorite place at the school: the office. It was a good day - not too crazy...busy, but not crazy like it was back in December. That night consisted of chores around the house & all the normal mom things. 

Tuesday: I worked on the office again. The big difference on this day from Monday is I took Ben home just before lunch since he was feeling quite yucky. That night Drew & I attended the high school spring play. Once again, the kids did a great job! William & Melissa were in charge of the microphones. (Well, William was in charge & Melissa helped him.) I'm really glad the kids are enjoying this! It's a great program - the teacher in charge does such a wonderful job & knows how to deal with teenagers. 

Wednesday: I spent the morning at the doctors with Benjamin. He had not been feeling well since Sunday. It was time to get him checked out. Also, the schools here really enforce the need for a doctor's note concerning any absents from school. The school nurse thought it could be fifth disease or strep. (Yes, what a wide range of options!) But the doctor decided it was a sinus infection so we're on antibodics and steroids. While we were on base,  I made a quick dash through the commissary as I needed things for William's birthday dinner. 
That night Drew & I went to church. The pastor is going through Ecclesiastes which I think is a very depressing book of the Bible. But this part we went through was encouraging. It's in chapter 5 & talked about it's okay to enjoy the money you earn. Lately it seems that I heard so much about the evil of money & how you should give away all your extra money. So much so I was starting to feel guilty if I bought any thing 'fun' or a 'want' not a need. It's nice it see a verse that says to enjoy your money as it's God's reward to you. 

Thursday: Ben was still sick! Hate seeing any of my babies not feel well. While he laid on the couch, I went to Bible study, did chores, got some sewing done, took the big kids to the was a busy and productive day. A good day other than Ben still felt bad!

Friday: Benjamin STILL not well!! Wondered if and when those meds would kick in!  I was hoping he would feel well enough by mid-morning, but no. I was scheduled to work at 11:15, so instead of him going in with me, I changed his meds so and he slept the afternoon away. I decided the sudefed was not working and gave him Benadryl. Which is why he slept the afternoon away. But I think between that & the other meds finally kicking it, he started to feel better. 
Friday night we celebrated William's 17th birthday. We had chicken teriyaki, sushi, tempura & cinnamon roll cake. Lots of good! Good food at that! We even pulled out our chopsticks. A nice quite evening - we don't do big birthdays. He got some money from a few family members, an English soccer jersey with his name on the back, and a wallet. His old wallet was a Velcro one. We thought he needed a 'man's' wallet. I think he was happy with it...especially the money tucked inside. 

And that brings us today today, Saturday....chores, errands, and if one little boy wakes up well, we'll have a soccer game to yell at. 

Just a normal week around here. 

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