Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today's This and That

Never did get the audiobook program to personal Geek-On-Call (Drew) has had a cold this week.  So....I'm sort of staying away from him. I really don't want that seems nasty.

For the last few days I have gotten lots of sewing I have lots of hand sewing to do.

Today I got my hair cut.  I'm having to break-in a new hair dresser. Again.   The first one I really liked here, moved away last summer, so I started seeing a mother of one of Melissa's friends.  The last haircut I felt like she was finally getting use to my hair and I was happy with the end product.

And now she's going into real estate.

So.  I'm now seeing another mother of a teen I know. She's in the same salon - which is close to the house and I love that. I think she did a good job.  I'll know for sure after I wash and style it myself.

Just like EVERY other hair dresser, she tried to straighten my hair. It looked good...for about an hour.  Then it falls.  And starts to curl.  I just go straight to the curl.  Anyway....we'll see in the morning what I think.

While I was working on my hand sewing, we watched another game in the soccer World Cup.  Yikes! Some of these teams are very aggressive and physical!!  That was Greece today as they tied with Japan. While I like cheering for William's 2nd home country, they just could not get it together enough win - even when Greece was playing with one less player due to getting a red card (that's where you get thrown out due to aggressive and physical playing!)  I'm looking forward to watch the US play again on Sunday when I can watch the game with my two favorite soccer player.

Now we are watching baseball...which I think is pretty boring...even if it is Ole Miss. Love Ole is just NOT my sport.

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