Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Over the last week or so I have been using one of the reading plans in the You Version Bible app called "100 Descriptions of God".  Yesterday one of the words was "diligent" based on Philippians 2:13.  Not sure if I have ever thought of the Lord in that light before, but it has stuck with me. And since we are to conform to His imagine, I have to look at my life and see where I'm being diligent....or not...ouch!

While there are MANY areas I want to be more diligent in, one area I am trying to be better at - to be diligent! - is exercising.  My neighbor, Alice, and I have been meeting at 7:30 most mornings to walk. Then afterwards, I use my small free weights. I am NOT very good at exercising....never have really liked it.  But. This summer? I'm trying to be diligent.

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