Thursday, June 26, 2014

All About William

The other night the dishes needed to be put away at the same time as the laundry dinged.  I gave up years ago to being the one who did it all, so while Drew and Ben took charge of the kitchen (which is only fitting since Ben has kitchen duty this month), I had William help me with the laundry.  After all, as I told him, this load was mostly his stuff.

But my Mr. Seventeen had THAT look on his face.   I'm sure you know the one.  The one that says I was interrupting a very important moment in his life.  That couch really needed him to lay on it - at that very moment.

I tried to get him in a better mood - "Come on - you love spending time with me!!  And don't you love helping the Laundry Fairy??!!??"

His reply? "No. I want the Laundry Fairy to just magically do the laundry and put it my basket."

Yea, well.  That may happen during the school year when you are busy, but during the summer? You will get off your lazy butt and help me!!

Oh, to be  seventeen again.

Today was the day he decided to mow the yard.  We had talked about this earlier in the week, and I told him I would wake up him when I came in from my walk sometime between seven and eight.  I went to wake him up around 7:40ish, but it took about twenty minutes for him to actually get out of bed.  Later in the day he said he didn't remember me coming in the room...just him waking up to his lights on and the door open.

I didn't even ask how late he stayed up reading.

He really didn't want to be Yard Boy today.  (Not really my problem.) It did take him almost all day to do the yard.  Not that he worked continuously.  After all, that would have taken more energy than he had. He needed to stop to watch the US World Cup game, eat, watch another soccer game, watch Ben play on the Sports Center.....oh, there are just so many things that needed to be done.

Mowing?  Edging? Raking?  Only if I have to.

You like that car you drive, right? Then yes, you have to.

One thing that he has learned is NOT to say "I just don't feel like it". Nothing gets my blood pressure up more than hearing that.  After all, that's what being an adult - especially a mom - is all about: doing what needs to be done no matter how you feel about it. Which is why he just grunts instead of saying those words (not that he really needs any reason to grunt...that's his first language after all.)

But at the end of this day, my yard looks great,and my Mr. Seventeen is tired.  I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight.

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