Sunday, June 8, 2014

Marking Off

I love it when I can mark people off my prayer list:

...A local friend recently had a double mastectomy, but thankfully, does NOT need chemo or radiation.  She'll return to work in the next week or so.

...A dear friend living in the northwest, also, got a great doctor report when her breast biopsy came back normal.  On top of this health scare, her husband had already moved to their new base while she and the kids finished out school.  School is now over and he's with her to help her pack up the house and move across the country.  Very good to know they are back together physically and not just in spirit.

I really looking forward to late August when I can mark off another family off my deployment list....they have these last few months of a year deployment... I remember those last few months of Drew being deployed to would think the last few months and/or weeks would go by fast, but they don't....I think they are worse than the first months.  She seems to be holding  up well, but I know how long summer came be....

Of course, it always seems that as soon as I mark someone off my list I hear of someone else needed extra prayers. This afternoon, I found out that a couple in our Sunday school class are in the final stages of a divorce. I was speechless!!  I had no idea they were having troubles. Very sad.  But explains why I haven't seen them together in class in awhile.

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