Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So Far This Week

It's VBS week here.  As I have for the last few years, I am teaching preschool games. Overall, it's probably the easiest job in all of VBS. I arrive late teach four 15 minute classes, then leave early. But mainly, I teach it because I didn't have an excuse not to teach.....not very Christian like I know. It seems that the older my kids get, the less I like little kids. The boys are helping me, so at least I get to spend time with them. This year the first class had 27, the next 16, then 27, and the last was two classes combine with a whopping total of 33 preschoolers. 


Yep. That's a lot of kids!! Hopefully, all those 15 minutes will go fast.  Yesterday we played golf with a shortened swim noodle and a little plastic 5 inch ball. Today it's the parachute....that usually makes them crazy, so I'm excepting lots of yelling and screaming today...maybe I should grab my ear plugs....

The boys are taking piano lessons this month.  As usually, Benjamin has complained at just about every turn. I'm convinced that he complains just to irate me.  None of my kids liked the teacher that are assigned to through the school. In fact, Melissa and William quit going to lesson with him.  Benjamin would like to, but in this family all kids take piano lessons until the end of 8th grade, then it's their choice.  He has one more year.   This summer they are taking lessons with one of the youth workers - it's actually William's Sunday school teacher.  He's newly married....about 26 yrs old or so...very likable.  (The guy through the school is very, very quiet....waaay too quiet....almost no personality quiet.) Both boys like Brian a lot, so I'm hoping this is a good experience for them both. I think William missed taking lessons.  I'm really enjoying the house filling with music! (Melissa is not taking due to total lack of interest and how much she is gone this month.)

The kids and I are looking forward to Friday.  There's a "food truck round-up" across town and we are hoping to find it on Friday.  We've seen several shows on the Food Network about food trucks. Hopefully, we'll find it...and hopefully, the food is as good as the TV host say it is.

While we are across town, we are will, also, be on the lookout for costumes the kids need for camp.  Each night of camp there's a dress-up theme.  This year it's America, Disney, Fan Night, Dress Your Best, and What You Want to be When You Grow-up.  So, we'll be hitting a few thrift stores to see what we can find.

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