Monday, June 16, 2014

Camp Day One....

Today was the first day the kids were gone to camp...and it was a lot like the first day they were gone on the mission trip during Spring Break:  I cleaned. Thankfully, nothing was as dirty as it was during that Spring Break cleaning spree.

Not sure why I'm like this. I think better when my house is clean. Also, I now have five days to play.

I have several sewing/quilting projects I would like to work on.....errands one day.....finish a book start another one.....

Last night we watched Ole Miss play in the baseball College World Series....tough loss.  Tonight we are watching the USA play in the World Cup (that's soccer if you're living under a rock or just don't care about soccer). At the moment we are winning....but that second half is a long one.... We scored within 37 SECONDS!!  Amazing!!  May it happen again!!!

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