Monday, June 30, 2014

More of William

Back in  March some time, William along with all other juniors in the State of Lou-zee-ana took the ACT.  This was his third time.  Yes, that's a lot....and odd, I know, but  we had him take it as a ninth grader just to see where he was at (he had taken many classes ahead of schedule, so we felt like he was prepared somewhat) know what he needed to work on.  At that point he made a 26 - which we were THRILLED about!! It was high enough to qualify for the in-state tuition program. (He was, also, relieved. We have told our children they are responsible for paying for half of their college - hopefully, through scholarships.) He took it again a year late as tenth grader and made a 28.  Again, we were thrilled.

If it had been up to me, I would have stopped there.  But it wasn't.  As I said, all eleventh graders take it during school here - no exceptions.  Besides, my tax dollars pay for it.  He made a 30.  Yippeeee!!!

Now we were beyond THRILLED!!!  A 30 would get even more scholarships than that 28.  Love it!

But....he made a 26 in the math portion....he wasn't happy about that.   If he had gotten a 28, then he would qualify for the honors program at his current school of choice. He wanted to take it again.

Really??  Sounds like torture to me...but hey! Sure, I'll pay the $36.50....on ONE condition: you study math. He knew from his scores he didn't go very well on the basic algebra part (which he took as a seventh grader) nor did well in geometry (which he took in eight grade).  I wanted him to work on those sections.

And he did. For two weeks before the test on June 14, he worked out math problems as well as reviewed the English part.  Friday night we got his new score: 32 over all and a 32 in the math section!!!!


A 32 will pretty much qualify him for a full ride any where he wants to go.  He's still leaning towards LA Tech an hour away from home, but it's so nice to know he can have his pick of schools and not have to worry about being saddled down with debt after gradation.

At the end of the night, Drew and I looked at each other and wonder out loud how in the world we ended up with such a smart kid! (If you add my ACT score and Drew's together, you might get a promises on that.)  The blessings of the Lord are amazing. We are very grateful.


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