Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Dream Let Go

Today my parents sold "the land".  I think if my dad could have put how he felt into words, it would be bittersweet. Sweet, because, it was nice to sell the land and not have to worry about it anymore or pay taxes. Bitter, because, he never got to fulfill a dream he had for the land.

Part of the land was  given to him long ago (probably in the 1960's) from his grandfather. Then much later he received the bulk of the land from his father. Dad always wanted to build a house on the land and pond he could fish in....live in the country like he did in his childhood.  (My mother being the city girl was NOT much into this dream.)  But life got in the way.  They never seemed to find the time or money to make this dream a reality as they were raising their family. After my brother and I were grown-up and married, Dad's career changed and then his health. 

One of my favorite singer/song-writers has a phrase "Some dreams are better from afar, that's just how things are" (Joshua Kadison's Georgia Rain).  From the first time I heard this song - this phrase, I've thought about this land....this house and pond that lived in Daddy's mind and heart.
My brother and I grew up going out to the country where my father spent part of his childhood. I remember fishing in relatives' ponds....and yes! Catching a few fish.  When we were out there, we always stopped to visit Dad's aunts and uncles and cousins. I'll always think of Uncle Ed when I see a coo-coo clock....I remember asking cousin Vic who is a pastor Bible questions...and the chickens. So many chicken farmers in this part of the country, and while I love eating chickens, chicken farms do NOT smell good...not all at!  I remember being really little and picking corn with my mom and other relatives.....going to several family reunions.....lots of memories....

The man who bought the land is, also, from the area. He even goes to the church where my grandparents were members and are buried at. He is spoken highly by my father's relatives. He talked about the pond he was going to build...and the house he would live in. There's still the shell of my great-grandparents house left.  He plans to incorporate  part of the old stone foundation into his new house, old bricks on part of the flooring, use some of the tin roof as a ceiling in one room....it's nice to know part of our history will be still around for the future.

He offered for us to come back in a year and see what all he has done....see his dream fulfilled.  I think the land is in good hands.

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