Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Times

Tonight Melissa & I were watching part of the CMA Fest where lots of country music singers performed. (I'm assuming there's a music award show soon.) There's a lot of performers that I don't know- in fact, most I haven't heard of. Of course, that's because I usually listen to Christian music. 

But as we sat here, I amazed at how many songs were about getting drunk. 


What happened to all those sad country songs? 

But there's is definetly a new type of country singer. Most now seem to look more like a big city 'hipster' with their skinny jeans and tattoos instead of a flannel plaid shirt and a cowboy hat.  One drummer even had a two foot Mohawk. 

I'm sure Jonny Cash and Patsy Cline are rolling over in their graves. 

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