Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Work Day

I should have gotten the kids to take MY picture this morning as it was my first day of school  - as a sub, anyway. I have turned down several jobs - most later this month or even next month. I was actually surprised that I was offered a job this EARLY in the school year - a week to the day! 

While it is early in the year, it's not the earliest I have worked. The last year we were in Guam I worked the second day. Yep. The second day!  (You can read about it here.)

I had great classes today. The school has changed from a seven class day to a five hour block day.  I really liked it! I ended up having two algebra class (8th graders) and two math honors class (7th graders). (The teacher has one hour off for planning.)  Just about all the students knew me...just a few new faces.  Since all the classes were honors, they are filled with students that know how to be a student -meaning they know how to BEHAVE!!

The only real problem I had was the problem was the teacher did not leave enough work for the students. I had this problem last year when the classes were 50 minutes.  And it seems to see that I'll have the problem again  - maybe even more so - with the classes 90 minutes. urggg. But at least the kids were well behaved.

(Can I say the most well behave student was my little duckie, Benjamin?? I love having my kids!!)

Here's praying that the other classes I teach this year will be just as well as behave.

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