Friday, August 15, 2014

The Yearly (or More Often) Event

As I posted yesterday, it was my first day of subbing. As usual the kids rode the bus home instead of with me. I usually follow the bus home, so why ride with mom when I can be with my friends?? 

And there's the fact they usually forgot that I'm working and just get on the bus out of habit. 

Yesterday I was about five to eight minutes behind the bus as I stopped by the library to pick up a book that was on hold. When I got to the house, what did I see?? All three of my kids outside the house. Why, you ask?

Because not one of them had a key in their backpack. 

This happens at least once at year. Or more. 

One of the first times, I get a tearful phone call. They had called their father and got no sympathy and were told to go to the neighbor's house until Dad got home. I was away with my parents that first time visiting the graves of my grandparents. They didn't get much sympathy from me either since we talked several times about having their key with them. 

They didn't get any sympathy yesterday either from me....well, Benjamin did. As he was trying to get to the hidden key in the back yard, he was attacked and stung three times from wasp. 

Feel bad for the little guy....but maybe now some one will remember a house key????!!! 

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