Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Normal Life

Life around here as been normal....nothing too earth-shattering.  Today is the fourth day of school....so far everyone seems to like the new year with their new schedules.  We did have a minor issue with William's.  He was placed in a speech class - which he had waaay back in Guam (yes, in 7th grade but it was considered a high school class).  After talking with the school counselor, there's really no other choice.  The class he wanted ended up not being offered for some reason. But the counselor did say she would put in on his transcript a Speech 2. I really don't think it matters, though. It'll be an easy class - fun, too, hopefully!

He does have some heavy duty class this semester....pre-calculus & pre-physics - yikes!  He has them next semester as well, and if he does well on the test in May, he'll get college credit (I think that's how it's to work). He's, also, in ROTC again.  We are disappointed that he did not get English 4 now.  A senior project is required in order to graduate and we really wanted to do that this semester.  Oh, well.  Not much we can do about that.

Melissa, also, has a heavy schedule this time around: English, Biology, World Civilization, Algebra 2. Next semester will be a little easier for her as she will have Spanish 3, PE, US Civics, and another elective. But she seems happy with it. She does have some good friends in her classes and at lunch. Sadly, she and William do not have lunch together now....maybe in January.

Benjamin is still at the middle school and is on more of a regular schedule, and so has all the normal classes.  I know all but one of his teachers as she is new to the school. I hope she's good...she's not whom I wanted Benjamin to have for science but she is NOT who I did not want him to get.   Hopefully, he'll learn something in 8th grade science - unlike Melissa did with "that other" teacher.  Ben is happy that he has all but one block with his best friend, Gannon (who has recovered nicely from his bike fall and concussion). 

On a surprising note, I have already turned down two sub jobs!!  One was in September on my Bible study and errand day.  The other was for this Friday when we have plans.  I do have one job lined-up, but it's not until October.  The district has a new computer program that handles subs instead of the teachers calling for themselves.  It should be a better way, but I'm not clear on how it all will work. (I think it automatically goes to the next sub if I reject a job....but I'm not sure....I did email the teacher anyway....hopefully, she will still request me in the future!)

I've been keeping busy these first few days of school....there's always cleaning (this week it seems to be laundry EVERYWHERE!) and errands (its amazing how fast we run out of milk and bread!!).  I'm hoping to get some sewing in...I've started on a new quilt....and of course, Mr. Seam-Ripper is making more appearances than I would like!  (That really means that I need to pay attention and quick trying to do more than one  thing at a time!!)

All in all - life is good.

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