Friday, August 8, 2014

Catch a Kiss Where and When You Can!

Every marriage has it's traditions...ways....quirks even.  One of Drew and mine is that we give each other a quick kiss during the welcoming part of our church services.  Most of the time no one notices....but then there are the times that a few people do. It usually shocks them. They totally don't expect to see a quick kiss.

This past Wednesday night at church we had two older ladies sitting behind us.  And they REALLY didn't expect to see our kiss. (It really is a quick one!) They were like "NO!! None of that - especially not in front of us that have no one!"

Really?  That's your problem, not mine.  You not having any one has nothing to do with me.  How about we be happy that a couple that's been married for over 23 years, still enjoy catching a quick peck and still enjoying being together??

Yea....they hit a nerve!

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