Monday, August 4, 2014

Those Frantic Phone Calls

Saturday night as I was cooking dinner I got a phone call from my friend (& neighbor & walking partner), Alice. I could barely understand her through her tears.  At first all I got was: "You were right!" "He'll wear a helmet from now on!!"  "Trey's taking him to the ER now."


Turns out Ben's best friend, Alice's son, Gannon, fell off his bike. A neighbor who saw the accident said it looked like he flipped three times before hitting the ground.  Thankfully, Gannon doesn't really remember that part.  He now is sporting two very large bumps on his head.  Alice said one was the size of a golf ball, the other an orange.

While the CAT scan came out clear, he was still in a lot of pain Sunday night...very scratched and bruised.  And can we say "lucky"? "blessed?" to be okay??? 

I just looked at Benjamin - "This is why!! I'm not just being mean or old!!" All my kids have basically quit riding their bikes because they don't want to be seen with a helmet on - you know, how "uncool" they are, right??  But I'll take no riding a bike over riding with no helmet any day of the week!

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